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The Islamic Academy of Manchester established the City Jamia Masjid in Central Manchester. The masjid has been fully operational since 2015. However, construction work is still ongoing. This page covers our vision, history and outstanding work.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create something which is more than just a traditional Masjid—we want to recreate what a Masjid was originally– a focus, a meeting place, a prayer place, a place where the community gathers for spiritual, academic and social education and events– in fact a place of our own for our Muslim Community.

We plan to establish a multi-use facility catering for all sections and needs of the Muslim Community. As the planning permission has been granted for a Masjid with a very large capacity (approximately 2,000 persons can stand in prayer over 3 floors) we plan to include the following facilities and activities:

The Site and its History

The site was purchased by the Islamic Academy in 1997. A portable cabin was placed on site and served as a small masjid for the local community for over 2 decades whilst work on City Jamia Masjid was ongoing. The portable cabin (118 South Street) was demolished in March 2021 to make way for a new, purpose built outbuilding and car park.

Plans were drawn up and a steel frame put in place in 2001. There were some delays over the years with a number of difficulties including with contractors. The external phase was completed by 2007, and most of the internal work was completed by 2013.

Two floors are now complete internally and much of the upper level has been complete as of March 2021. We have a fully functional mortuary facility.

Photographs of the portable cabin which served as the initial masjid on this site and was demolished in March 2021.

Outstanding Work

(Updated March 2021)
The Islamic Academy of Manchester