Apr 19, 2024 |

History of The Islamic Academy Building

The Islamic Academy of Manchester was based in the building below from 1974 until 2015. We vacated the building on 28th February 2015. The building was built in the English NeoGothic Style between 1837 and 1839. The architect was Sir Charles Barry who went on to design the Palace of Westminster. The Academy has a triple-gabled north side, with large arched windows on the first floor. It also has a canted apse on the west end, and a lean-to porch.It is a Grade II* listed building.
The building was originally a chapel with an attached Sunday School and was originally built for Unitarians. In 1928 changes in the nature of the district led to the sale of the chapel and its new occupants were members of a Welsh Baptist congregation. Later it was used as a Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall. The building fell into disrepair after it was abandoned. From 1974-2015, The Islamic Academy of Manchester was based at the former Sunday School.
The Islamic Academy of Manchester