Jumah Registration – Urdu

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QR Code سٹی جامع مسجد میں NHS COVID-19 App کے ساتھ NHS QR code کا اشتہار آویزاں کیا جا رھا ھے ۔آپ داخل ھوتے وقت اپنے سمارٹ فون کے ذریعے QR code سکین کریں تو آپ کا مطلوبہ ٹیسٹ خود بخود ھو جائے گا۔ ھم آپ سے درخواست کرتے ھیں کہ آپ مندرجہ ذيل لنک […]

City Jamia Jumah Registration 14/08/20

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City Jamia Jumah Registration – 14th August 2020 We will hold 3 Jumah jamaats: 1.30 PM 2 PM 2.30 PM Please register via the following link and select the Jamaat time you wish to attend: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/city-jamia-jumah-salah-140820-tickets-116249135293 Changes since last week: Only 4 registrations per email address. Last week many people booked multiple tickets but did […]

Jumah Salah 10th July 2020

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Insha’Allah we will be holding our first Jumah congregational salah since 20th March 2020. In line with UK government guidelines for places of worship, we must keep a list of attendees to assist the ‘track and trace’ effort if required. This is why registration is mandatory. For everyone’s safety we are operating with 2 m […]