Jamia Islamia

Jamia Islamia Update July 2010

Dear Respected brothers and sisters,

Assalamu alaikum,

As you know the City Jamia Masjid is now ready to provide facilities on the ground floor, enabling brothers to utilise the masjid during the sacred month of Ramadhan as carpet in the main hall has already been fitted.

In order to stop children going upstairs (which would be a health and safety hazard) three doors have provisionally been closed. Further lighting has already been fitted.

Although brothers coming to the masjid in Ramadhan will be asked to perform ablution at home they can use the facilities in the present cabins of Jamia in case of urgent need. However, we still are in urgent need of completing the new masjid’s ablution rooms; one for ladies and two for gents.

We request your generous support in the cause of deen and donate generously – to find out how you can donate click here.

May Allah reward you for your efforts. You can also help your deceased loved ones by sending them reward of your generous support for the cause of religion.

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