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Planning and Highways Committee Meeting Agenda Feb 13th 2014

Planning and Highways Committee
Date: Thursday 13 February 2014
Time: 12.30 pm
Venue: Council Chamber, Level 2, Town Hall Extension

Everyone is welcome to attend this committee meeting.

Access to the Council Chamber
Public access to the Council Chamber is over the bridge from level 2 of the old Town Hall building. There is no public access from within the Town Hall Extension. The bridge has a moderate incline so if you have limited mobility you
may wish to call 0161 234 3241 for information on alternative access.

Membership of the Committee
Councillors –
Ahmed, Shaukat Ali, Nasrin Ali, Boyes, Curley, Ellison, Fender, Flanagan, Kamal, Keller, Loughman (Chair), Lyons, Siddiqi and Watson
Planning and Highways Committee Agenda

1 Urgent Business
To consider any items which the Chair has agreed to
have submitted as urgent.
2 Appeals
To consider any appeals from the public against refusal to
allow inspection of background documents and/or the
inclusion of items in the confidential part of the agenda.
3 Interests
To allow Members an opportunity to [a] declare any
personal or prejudicial interests they might have in any
items which appear on this agenda; and [b] record any
items from which they are precluded from voting as a
result of Council Tax/Council rent arrears. Members with
a personal interest should declare that interest at the start
of the item under consideration. If members also have a
prejudicial interest they must withdraw from the meeting
during the consideration of the item.
4 Minutes
To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting
held on 16 January 2014 (enclosed).
5 Planning Application – 502-504 Wilbraham Road
Chorlton Manchester M21 9AW
Planning Application Number – 103494/FO/2013/S1
Chorlton Ward
6 Planning Application – Site Of Existing Car Park
Serving Hough End Playing Fields Junction of
Princess Road Withington Manchester
Planning Application Number – 104518/VO/2013/S1
Chorlton Park
7 Planning Application – Site Of The Former Oakwood
High School (lower) Darley Avenue Chorlton Cum
Hardy Manchester
Planning Application Number – 104437/FO/2013/S1
Chorlton Park
8 Planning Application – 319 Wilmslow Road
Fallowfield Manchester M14 6NW
Planning Application Number – 104419/FU/2013/S1
Fallowfield Ward
Planning and Highways Committee
9 Planning Application – Land To The North And West
Of Hollyhedge Court And To The North And East Of
Benchill Court, Hollyhedge Road Benchill Manchester
M22 4QP
Planning Application Number – 104370/FO/2013/S2
Sharston Ward
10 Planning Application – Land To The South Of
Ringway Road; The East & West Of Styal Road And
West Of The Styal Railway Line Manchester
Planning Application Number – 104094/FO/2013/S2
Woodhouse Park
11 Planning Application – United Buildings 80-82
Oldham Street Manchester M4 1LF
Planning Application Number – 103101/FO/2013/C2
Ancoats and
Clayton Ward
12 Planning Application – 116 Hill Lane Blackley
Manchester M9 6PW
Planning Application Number – 104553/FO/2013/N1
Higher Blackley
13 Number not used
14 Planning Application – Former Jackson Brickworks
Site Off Ten Acres Lane Newton Heath Manchester
Planning Application Number – 098689/OO/2012/N1
Miles Platting
and Newton
Heath Ward
15 Planning Application – Etihad Stadium Etihad
Campus Manchester M11 3FF
Planning Application Number – 104315/FO/2013/N2
Bradford Ward
16 Planning Application – Land Between The Railway
Line And Gorton Monastery Gorton Manchester
Planning Application Number – 104446/FO/2013/N2
Gorton North
17 Planning Application – 55 To 65 Hathersage Road
Victoria Park Manchester M13 0EW 13 0EW
Planning Application Number – 104036/OO/2013/N2
Ardwick Ward
18 Planning Application – Former Welsh Baptist Chapel
And Islamic Academy Of Manchester 19 Upper Brook
Street Ardwick Manchester M13 9AJ
Planning Application Number – 102531/FO/2013/N2 &
Ardwick Ward
Planning and Highways Committee
19 Planning Application – 121 Clarence Road Longsight
Manchester M13 0YJ
Planning Application Number – 104354/FO/2013/N2
Longsight Ward
20 Planning Application – Lahori Karahi & Chargha 824
Stockport Road Levenshulme Manchester M19 3AW
Planning Application Number – 104428/JO/2013/N2
21 Planning Application – St. Andrews C Of E Primary
School Broom Avenue Levenshulme Manchester M19
Planning Application Number – 104479/FO/2013/N2

Planning and Highways Committee Meeting Procedure
At the beginning of the meeting the Chair may state if there any applications which the Chair is proposing should not be considered. This may be in response to a request by the applicant for deferral, or officers wishing to undertake further
discussions, or requests for a site visit. The Committee will then decide whether to agree to the deferral. If deferred, an application will not be considered any further. The Chair will explain to members of the public how the meeting will be conducted, as follows:
1. The Planning Officer will advise the meeting of any late representations that
have been received since the report was written.
2. The officer will state at this stage if the recommendation of the Head of
Planning in the printed report has changed.
3. ONE objector will be allowed to speak for up to 4 minutes. If a number of
objectors wish to make representations on the same item, the Chair will invite
them to nominate a spokesperson.
4. The Applicant, Agent or their representative will be allowed to speak for up to 4 minutes.
5. Members of the Council not on the Planning and Highways Committee will be
able to speak for up to 4 minutes.
6. Members of the Planning and Highways Committee will be able to question the planning officer and respond to issues that have been raised. The
representative of the Highways Services or the City Solicitor as appropriate
may also respond to comments made. Only members of the Planning and Highways Committee may ask questions of the officers. All other interested parties make statements only.
The Committee having heard all the contributions will determine the application. The Committee’s decision will in most cases be taken under delegated powers and will therefore be a final decision.
If the Committee decides it is minded to refuse an application, they must request the Head of Planning to consider its reasons for refusal and report back to the next meeting as to whether there were relevant planning considerations that could reasonably sustain a decision to be minded to refuse.
Planning and Highways Committee
Information about the Committee
The Council has delegated to the Planning and Highways Committee authority to
determine planning applications, however, in exceptional circumstances the
Committee may decide not to exercise its delegation in relation to a specific
application but to make recommendations to the full Council.
It is the Council’s policy to consult people as fully as possible before making decisions that affect them. Members of the public do not have a right to speak at meetings but the Committee will usually allow applicants and objectors to address them for up to four minutes. If you have a special interest in an item on the agenda and want to speak, tell the Committee Officer, who will pass on your request to the Chair. Groups of people will usually be asked to nominate a spokesperson.
The Council is concerned to ensure that its meetings are as open as possible and
confidential business is kept to the strict minimum. When confidential items are
involved these are considered at the end of the meeting at which point members of the public are asked to leave.
Sir Howard Bernstein
Chief Executive
Town Hall, Albert Square
Manchester, M60 2LA
Further Information
For help, advice and information about this meeting please contact the Committee
Officer: Ian Jones
Tel: 0161 234 3042
Fax: 0161 274 7017
This agenda was issued on 5 February 2014 by the Governance and Scrutiny Support Unit, Manchester City Council, Town Hall, Albert Square, Manchester, M60 2LA.

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