Save The Islamic Academy of Manchester

Save the Islamic Academy Appeal

The planning application by the commercial developer, Church Converts, is now live in the Manchester City Council Planning Portal.

We hope you will support us in opposing this conversion of an active, vibrant place of worship into flats for commercial gain. You can help support our campaign immediately by:
1. Make your comments on the Manchester City Council Planning Portal
Reference: 102531/FO/2013/N2

Click on the ‘Make a Public Comment’ button – note you will have to Register and Log In before you can make your comment.

Make your own comment about what you object to but if possible stick to planning issues and try to refer back to the actual plans themselves.
2. Lobby the City Councillor and MP of your own ward and of the City Centre, Lucy Powell MP (
3. Raise your concerns with English Heritage (Historic Buildings Inspector,

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