Salah and Jumah Registration

???? *QR Codes*

We now display official NHS QR code posters at City Jamia Masjid. With the new NHS COVID19 App you simply scan the QR code with your smartphone upon entry to check-in. This will assist NHS Test and Trace.

By using the QR code check-in feature, we will not request contact details separately for your registration.

We request that you download the app and register to quickly check-in and enter the masjid:
This will be especially important on Jumah salah. If you do not have the app, we will request contact details to be provided for registration.

For Jumah from 2nd October 2020, there will be 1 jamaat only at 1.30 PM. We request that:
– You have the app installed and ready to check in.
– Remember to bring a shoe bag, mask and prayer mat.
– Use the hand sanitiser provided.
– You should not bring your child to the masjid if they have been sent home from school due to a coronavirus case.
– Please arrive on time as capacity is limited.
– Follow instructions from the volunteers upon entry and exit.

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